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Sample editing and restoration







Removed dog from photo, moved couple closer together and created new dog portrait.

Colorized this black and white photo using various PhotoShop CS2 techniques

Removed wrinkles from skin.

Original image.

Colorized image. All color layers are now editable for client and colors and shades can be adjusted to suit.

Various graphic alterations to image for magazine article.

Original damaged photograph.

Restored photograph.





CGD graphic and digital photo manipulation, editing and restoration services


Need an old torn, cracked, faded paper photograph repaired or something added or removed from a photograph?  Perhaps you need to have an image touched up or a black and white photograph colorized?  Maybe you need a customized album cover or backdrop image for your next presentation.  Let Crisp Graphic Design amaze you with its customized graphic and digital design and editing services.  Contact us for a no obligation quote starting at $39USF. 


Created limo service rate sheet.

Added Playstation 3 to 14th century painting.

Combined over 12 images to make collage for festival magazine background image.

Created a ficticious and humorous CD-cover.

Combined ant eater, mountain goat and cheetah images to form new creature.

Created humorous "demotivational" poster.

Created Fantastik glass cleaner parody using Fantastic 4 Movie Poster.

Added 'new wings' to goose image.

Added graffiti to white toaster, tile and bread.

Created ad poster for 'worst new television series'.

Save planet Pluto print ad.

Added speakers to dog image to create 'sub-woofer'.

Manually removed tennis player from image to reveal hand-crafted background that did not exist on original image.

Placed Mini-Me, Vern Troyer into 7-Up bottle.

Turned Arnold S into manga-style character.

Combined two comic book movie characters and actors together who have never appeared together before




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