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Logo Design Questionnaire


Our designers need a starting point.  After purchase, please email us at with your design requirements. A brief response to each of these questions is all that we required to get started...


1. Full company, club, sports team or website name?


2. Where is it located?


3. What is your main product line or services?


4. What will the logo be used for? (company, product, etc...)


5. Where will the logo appear? (storefront, business cards, website, letterhead, team jersey, etc...)


6. What style logo are you looking for (modern, business professional, conservative, etc...)


7. How many colors should this logo be? Which colors? Can this logo have mixed colors (i.e. gradients) or should none of the colors overlap (better for business cards)?


8. What symbols or items should we create and integrate into your logo?


9. What should your logo represent? What feelings should it invoke?


10. What symbols or items should not be integrated or included in your logo?


11. What wording should be included in your logo (if any)?


12. Are there any nuances of spelling that the graphic designer should take into account with the wording ? (i.e. all capitol letters, or if an abbreviation, should periods be included after each letter, etc...)


13. Do you have any preferred fonts? May any font type be used? May any not be used?


14. Do you need the logo in vector format specifically (i.e. .eps and .ai files in Adobe Illustrator), or

can artists also submit high-resolution raster files instead (i.e. jpeg/gif files in Adobe Photoshop)?


15. Is there any other criteria you personally have that's not in this list? If so, please add it!


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